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  1. Forum Rules

    1. Respect all players, staff and the server.
    i) No disrespecting or discriminating others​

    2. Signatures should not:
    i) contain any advertisements or spam
    ii) be disrespectful​

    3. No advertising other networks or any affiliated media.

    4. Don't give out personal information. Includes:
    i) Personal details of players or staff members (Address, Phone Number, Email address, etc)
    ii) Passwords (Staff will never ask for your password)​

    4. No staff impersonations.

    5. Please restrain from using inappropriate language.

    6. No spamming. Includes:
    i) Double posting
    ii) Bumping
    iii) Replying to old threads​

    7. No unrelated and or inappropriate links.

    8. No selling real work items. Examples include Minecraft accounts, Server ranks, Computers, etc.

    9. If there is a format to post in a certain topic, please follow it.

    Note: Norserealms have the right to add, remove or alter forum rules at any time without notice. It is your "the players" responsibility to keep up to date with all forum and server rules. If the aren't followed, The Norserealms staff have the ability to issue punishments up to and including permanent banning of your account without notice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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